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Woman smiling wearing a new dental bridgeDental Bridge Information: Now You Can Have Different Types of Dental Bridges

Ivoclar Vivadent has developed the unique IPS e.max system to produce only the types of dental bridges that look and feel completely natural. Replacing any of your missing teeth with Ivoclar Vivadentís IPS e.max will provide you with a solution that helps you eat, smile and talk with confidence. Ask your dental professional for dental bridge information on Ivoclar Vivadentís innovative products, and you will discover new freedom to enjoy your life to the full.

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Why Do I Need A Dental Bridge?

Partial tooth loss can affect your appearance, increase your risk of gum disease, lower your self esteem and ultimately affect your ability to eat well. What is more, your remaining teeth become at risk as they move to fill up gaps left by any teeth that are missing. Ivoclar Vivadentís dental bridges will restore your smile and actually protect your remaining teeth. By matching the unique size, shade and shape of your natural teeth, IPS e.max will achieve a truly natural finish. Talk to your dental professional to access the dental bridge information that is right for your individual needs.

Different Types Of Dental Bridges

Dental bridges are a well researched and trusted method to replace your missing teeth and close the gaps between your remaining teeth. All dental bridges created using Ivoclar Vivadentís IPS e.max technology are made from porcelain that is fused either to metal or zirconium oxide.

  1. Traditional fixed bridge
    Most commonly used, this type of bridge is fixed on either side, to your adjacent teeth.
  2. Cantilever bridge
    This type of bridge is fixed on one side only, to one of your adjacent teeth.

Smiling womanAsk Your Dental Professional About IPS e.max Today

For more dental bridge information or to find out more about Ivoclar Vivadentís IPS e.max for different types of dental bridges, ask your dental professional about Ivoclar Vivadent today.

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