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Man smiling wearing a new dental crownNow You Can Have Different Types of Cosmetic Dental Crowns & Dental Caps

Ivoclar Vivadent has created IPS e.max to provide you with the types of dental crowns and dental caps that are extremely durable and resistant to fracture . If your tooth is cracked, chipped or broken, Ivoclar Vivadentís IPS e.max ceramic system, will restore the strength to your damaged tooth, providing a completely natural appearance. Ask your dental professional for Ivoclar Vivadentís cosmetic dental crowns, and you will enjoy new confidence to smile, talk and eat, every day.

Click here to view before and after Ivoclar Vivadent crown construction.

Why Do I Need A Cosmetic Dental Crown?

Over time, sugary foods and drinks and a lack of proper dental care can lead to cavities in your teeth. Minor cavities can be repaired with a simple white filling. But when a tooth is damaged to the extent where it requires a different restoration, certain types of dental crowns or dental caps are needed to bring you the best results. By selecting the right dental materials from the Ivoclar Vivadent product range, your dental professional will offer the solution you need to repair and protect your smile.

Protect, repair and transform

Ivoclar Vivadentís cosmetic dental crowns use innovative fracture-resistant materials to restore your tooth, the outer surface of the tooth is completely removed when inlays, onlays, veneers are not an option. Smiling womanWith the IPS e.max system uses, you can eat the foods you love without worrying about damage to your restoration. What is more, IPS e.max can also be used to substantially reposition any crooked or overlapped teeth, transforming your natural appearance. Whether you want to restore your smile to its former health or completely transform your appearance with cosmetic dental crowns, Ivoclar Vivadent brings perfect results, every time.

Ask Your Dental Professional About IPS e.max Today

Are you considering a cosmetic dental crown? Talk to your dental professional about Ivoclar Vivadentís IPS e.max for different types of dental crowns and dental caps, today.

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