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Woman smiling wearing a new dental inlayNow You Can Have Dental Inlays With IPS e.max

Ivoclar Vivadent has created the IPS e.max pressable ceramic system to offer you a natural looking, long-lasting alternative to fillings. Behaving just like your natural tooth enamel, subtle changes in your tooth colour can be reproduced when repairing your damaged tooth with an IPS e.max inlay. Ask your dental professional for Ivoclar Vivadentís dental inlays, and you will smile, eat and talk with confidence.

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Why You Need A Dental Inlay

Tooth decay is a common problem, but there are many methods available to repair a damaged tooth. In many situations, a natural looking filling will achieve truly outstanding results. Ivoclar Vivadentís dental inlays are another metal-free alternative to unsightly silver coloured amalgam fillings. Incorporating a unique material called lithium disilicate, IPS e.max dental inlays act in a very similar way to your natural enamel, without damaging any of your natural teeth. That makes IPS e.max dental inlays a great alternative to tooth filling.

Perfectly Natural Results

As well as providing you with a completely natural appearance, your IPS e.max dental inlay will prove highly fracture resistant. Smiling womanInvolving an intricate laboratory procedure whereby each tooth is restored individually, the final restoration of your teeth will bring the results that truly mimic nature. What is more, the characteristics of the Lithium Disilicate material integral to the IPS e.max system means that your fitted dental inlays will retain their strength and beauty for many years.

Ask Your Dental Professional About IPS e.max Today

Talk to your dental professional about getting your dental inlays made with Ivoclar Vivadentís IPS e.max system, today.

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