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Now You Can Have Copy Dentures With Ivoclar Vivadent’s BPS System

The BPS Denture System can also be used by your denture provider to replace your old dentures with the copy dentures that offer you a better fit, appearance and function. With SR Phonares or SR Vivodent PE to replace your front denture teeth, and SR Phonares Typ, SR Orthosit PE, SR Ortholingual DCL, SR Orthoplane DCL, SR Postaris DCL to replace your back denture teeth, your copy dentures will look and feel more natural than ever before. Ask your dental professional about the benefits of copy dentures, and you will find new freedom to eat, smile and talk with confidence.

Why Do I Need Copy Dentures?

As time goes by, your mouth and gums will continue to change shape. That is why your old dentures won’t fit as well as they once did. It is really important to get your dentures checked regularly, because ill-fitting dentures can actually damage the tissues in your mouth. Added to this, dentures that don’t provide a good fit will look unrealistic, which can leave you feeling self-conscious about the way you look. Using Ivoclar Vivadent’s unique BPS Denture System, your dental professional will copy all the favourable features of your existing complete dentures or partial dentures.

Improving Look, Feel & Function

Copy dentures made using the BPS Denture System will restore your confidence and your self-esteem by improving the fit, feel and function to which you have grown accustomed. With the BPS Denture System’s advanced SR Phonares, SR Vivadent PE and SR Orthosit PE materials, you will enjoy a new experience in wearing dentures. Working closely with the unique characteristics of your mouth and gums, your dental professional will create the high quality copy dentures that restore your confidence.

Elderly couple smiling with denturesAsk Your Dental Professional About The BPS Denture System Today

Talk to your dental professional today about Ivoclar Vivadent’s BPS Denture System for copy dentures.

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