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Now You Can Have Immediate Dentures With Ivoclar Vivadent’s BPS Denture System

Ivoclar Vivadent’s BPS Denture System offers various solutions for immediate dentures that you can wear on the same day as your tooth extractions. SR Phonares and SR Vivodent PE will replace any missing front teeth, while SR Phonares Typ, SR Orthosit PE, SR Ortholingual DCL, SR Orthoplane DCL, SR Postaris DCL will offer the perfect solution for any back teeth that are extracted. Ask your dental professional about different ways BPS immediate dentures can be used when extracting your natural teeth, and you will find new freedom to live your life to the full.

Why Do I Need An Immediate Denture?

Following a tooth extraction, it will take approximately three months for your tissue and gums to heal. As it repairs, the inside of your mouth will change shape to adapt to its new state. Immediate dentures will give your mouth the time it needs to heal. After healing has taken place, your dental professional will either carry out a denture reline or they will advise that your immediate denture is a temporary solution. If this is the case, you will need a new complete denture or partial denture.

Ready To Wear On The Same Day

You shouldn't have to wait for several weeks for your mouth to heal after your tooth extractions before you receive a replacement denture . Your dental professional can provide you with an immediate denture made using the BPS denture system. For high quality immediate dentures ask your dental professional about the immediate benefits of SR Phonares, SR Vivodent PE and SR Orthosit PE denture teeth.

Helping you carry life as normal

Before your natural teeth are extracted, your denture provider will create an immediate complete denture or partial denture that is ready to be fitted as soon as your unhealthy teeth are extracted. This way you can go about your day to day life as normal without the embarrassment of visible gaps in your mouth.

Elderly couple smiling with denturesAsk Your Dental Professional About The BPS Denture System Today

Talk to your dental professional today about Ivoclar Vivadent’s BPS Denture System for immediate dentures.

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