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Couple smiling wearing plastic partial denturesNow You Can Have A Plastic Denture with Plastic Partial Dentures

The BPS Denture System by Ivoclar Vivadent is ideal for a plastic denture that looks and feels completely natural. Ask your dental professional about plastic partial dentures, and you will find new freedom to eat, smile and talk with confidence.

For Your Front Denture Teeth

To replace any of your missing front teeth, your dental professional can select either SR Phonares, durable and ideal for implant retained dentures, or SR Vivodent PE with pearl-effect for a truly natural finish.

For Your Back Denture Teeth

To replace any of your missing back teeth, your dental professional can select from a range of tooth moulds to suit your needs including: SR Phonares Typ, SR Orthosit PE, SR Ortholingual DCL, SR Orthoplane DCL, SR Postaris DCL.

How Will I Benefit From Plastic Partial Dentures?

Plastic dentures now offer partial denture wearers great choice and flexibility. Plastic partial dentures made using Ivoclar Vivadent’s unique BPS Denture System are often a great choice for first-time denture wearers and people receiving treatment on their remaining teeth. By selecting the SR Phonares, SR Vivodent PE or SR Orthosit PE from the Ivoclar Vivadent product range, your dental professional will create the plastic partial dentures that look and function like your own natural teeth.

Plastic Partial Dentures May Be Right For You

  • You are facing tooth loss as a certainty and you need a partial denture solution immediately
  • You are a first-time or inexperienced denture wearer and you would prefer to try a more affordable partial denture
  • Your remaining natural teeth need to be stabilised and your gums treated before you can benefit from a light alloy partial denture

Market leaders in plastic denture products

As leading dental product suppliers, we offer the very latest manufacturing techniques, such as the SR Ivocap Injection moulding system, designed to offer your dentures maximum durability. To help your dental professional create the plastic dentures that offer you the perfect fit and stand up to everyday wear and tear, we bring together an expert team of materials specialists and award winning dental professionals with many years of experience.

Elderly couple smiling with denturesAsk Your Dental Professional About The BPS Denture System Today

Discover a natural looking plastic denture when you ask your dental professional about Ivoclar Vivadent’s BPS Denture System for plastic partial dentures.

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