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i need a Back Tooth Filling

Woman smiling with a back teeth fillingNow You Can Have a White Back Tooth Filling with Tetric EvoCeram Back Teeth Fillings

Ivoclar Vivadent has developed Tetric EvoCeram to provide you with a white back tooth filling that offers real strength and an extremely natural appearance. Designed to remain invisible, even when you smile, talk and eat, Tetric EvoCeram blends perfectly with the natural colour of your back teeth. To discover new confidence in your daily life, ask your dental professional for Ivoclar Vivadentís tooth coloured back teeth fillings.

Back teeth before Tetric EvoCeram treatment
Back teeth after Tetric EvoCeram treatment

Before and After Tetric EvoCeram treatment

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Invisible Fillings

Silver-coloured metal fillings can be highly visible even at the very back of your mouth, but a white back tooth filling made with Ivoclar Vivadentís products will appear completely natural at all times. Tetric EvoCeram back teeth fillings are available in four different tooth shades. By carefully selecting the solution that matches exactly with the natural colour of your tooth, your dental professional will provide you with fillings that offer you the most natural looking appearance.

Designed to Last

Any back teeth fillings must withstand repeated chewing on a daily basis. Ivoclar Vivadentís Tetric EvoCeram is designed to create the strongest fillings available. man smiling with a natural looking fillingWhile other back teeth fillings are easily broken or displaced by toffee or hard caramel, Tetric EvoCeram withstands years of chewing problematic foods. With the white back tooth filling that is built designed to last, you will enjoy more of the foods you love and fewer return visits to your dental professional.

Ask Your Dental Professional About Tetric EvoCeram Today

To find out more about getting a white back tooth filling, talk to your dental professional about Ivoclar Vivadentís Tetric EvoCeram back teeth fillings today.

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