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i need a new Natural Looking Filling

Man smiling with a natural looking fillingNow You Can Have Natural Looking Tooth Coloured Fillings & Dental White Fillings

Ivoclar Vivadent has developed two cutting edge dental products to offer you with the most natural looking fillings. Designed to replace and protect your front teeth, IPS Empress Direct dental white fillings will fill any cavities while remaining completely invisible. Create to restore your back teeth, Tetric EvoCeram tooth coloured fillings will stand up to daily wear and tear while appearing a natural part of your own tooth. Ask your dental specialist for Ivoclar Vivadentís IPS Empress Direct or Tetric EvoCeram, and you will eat, smile and talk with confidence.

Dental white fillings that feel like a part of you

When it comes to your teeth, we trust that you should not have to settle for anything less than the best. That is why we have made the most advanced materials available to help your dental professional provide you with the most natural looking solution. By carefully selecting the right products to match the exact shade of your own teeth, your dental professional can make the tooth coloured fillings that look and feel like they belong in your mouth.

Front teeth before IPS Empress Direct Treatment
Front teeth after IPS Empress Direct Treatment

Front teeth Before and After IPS Empress Direct treatment

Back teeth before Tetric EvoCeram treatment
Back teeth after Tetric EvoCeram treatment

Back teeth Before and After Tetric EvoCeram treatment

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Case Study - Align-Bleach-Bond

"This case below is a perfect example of the Align-Bleach-Bond philosophy that allows Dentists to create ultra-conservative smile makeovers. The Inman Aligner straightens the teeth in a matter of weeks, bleaching is done simultaneously and finally, bonding with Empress Direct allows the Dentist to restore the teeth back to their natural beauty".

James Russell, Dental Surgeon providing expert advice and treatment on Channel 4's Embarrassing Bodies program

Teeth before Inman Aligners

Before Inman Aligner

Teeth after Inman Aligners

After Inman Aligner

Teeth after Empress Direct treatment

After Empress Direct Restorations

Why Do I Need Tooth Coloured Fillings?

Silver-coloured metal fillings look completely unnatural. They can also be highly visible whenever you eat, smile or talk. Dental white fillings made using Ivoclar Vivadentís IPS Empress Direct and Tetric EvoCeram will blend with the natural colour of your teeth. When your dental professional uses Ivoclar Vivadent , you can feel confident that your filling will never be spotted.

Designed to Last Longer

To help you enjoy more of the foods you love, we have carried out extensive research and testing to make sure that both IPS Empress Direct and Tetric EvoCeram are extremely durable and hard-wearing natural looking fillings. With Ivoclar Vivadent, you can enjoy all the foods you love without having to worry about time-consuming and costly return visits to your dental professional.

man smiling with a natural looking fillingAsk your dental specialist about Ivoclar Vivadent

To find out more about getting a natural looking filling with Ivoclar Vivadentís tooth coloured fillings and dental white fillings, talk to your dental expert about Ivoclar Vivadent today.

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